Travel Diary | Rügen Island

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I'm baaack... from my weekend trip to the sea ⛵️ You might not even have noticed that i was gone - because i scheduled the posts over the three days that i was absent -, but i actually spent the first May weekend in a sunny but terribly touristy town called Sellin on the island of Rügen (or Rugia) in the Baltic Sea. Yes we did have free wifi in our apartment and yes I did post here on my blog during our trip - but i thoroughly enjoyed my stay on Rügen Island - even though it's also good to be back home with my nana ice cream and ma bundles of bananas ripening by the window :)

Rügen Island is a fascinating place to be. It holds both sea shores and forest, sand and rocks, earth and water (that picture above is the famous white chalk cliff, the Königsstuhl). And it's quite beautiful if you go to the right places - a.k.a. far off the chalky white tourist villas. Like this stunning black lake in the middle of the woods.

Day 1: struggling to get to Rügen due to an -erm- incident on the motorway (the exhaust pipe of the car we had borrowed suddenly flew off and we had to return home! luckily our flatmate lend us her little blue car), making ourselves at home in our apartment in the villa "Arkona" named after Cape Arkona, visiting the pier and building a small stone tower.

Day 2: walking/hiking/jumping along the -very rocky- coastline for 7 kilometers, strolling around in the seaside resort Binz with its 370-metre-long pier, where we built the sandcastle at the beach (see below! haha), and then 7 kilometers back through the woods. Such a beautiful, peaceful route! And a long, long day... (We took of at 10 a.m. and came back at 10 p.m.)

Day 3: going for a swim - not in the sea because it's still fricking cold, but at least in a swimming bath by the sea, haha! We then packed our things, and drove up to the Jasmund National Park where we walked/hiked up to Victoria-Sicht (Victoria's View) to look at the so called Königsstuhl (King's Chair), the largest of the chalk cliffs that Rügen Island is famous for.

If you are wondering where the heck this Rügen/Rugia Island actually is - it's Germany's largest island and is located at the Northern coast of Germany, surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Doesn't really feel like an island though because you get their by bridge and don't even have to take a ferry.

I will take off in a couple of days for another weekend trip - it seems like i'm constantly on vacation, but actually it's just several short 3-day trips instead of one big journey, i promise, haha! - and this time to Prague! 

So keep your eyes peeled for a Travel Diary: Prague, guys, 'cause i heard it's a gorgeous place!

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