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Hello friend

Okay, I'll admit that a) the weather around here wasn't actually cold enough yet to be wearing a hat and b) it actually belongs to my brother, but what can i say? i just love tacky things like that :)

Now, let's pretend we've met for the first time (maybe we have). My name's Maisy, i'm 23 years old and if i can, i wear my PJs all day long (+ my boyfriend's oversized hoodie, i just love wearing boyfriend hoodies :), i'm completely make-up free, got my hair up, my bra off and my sweats on. Life is good.

Here are 50 random things you didn't know about me - and perhaps didn't want to know. Oh well.

1) Stephen King and me share many things - not really, but it sounds cool -, one of them being our birthday: September 21st.

2) i spent my second birthday in Thailand. We ate watermelon.
(BTW: if you have seen this picture on my blog before, i love you.)

see the little birthday cake on the table? by the way, this is not my mum rockin' those retro glasses, but my auntie. - also, the way i'm sitting there digging into those gorgeous watermelons is pretty much how i do it nowadays, 20 years later :'D
3) One of my many nicknames used to be Q, just like the James Bond Q, who is currently portrayed by the very handsome Ben Whishaw :)

4) Yoga has been one of the best "discoveries" in my life so far. I started it about two or three years ago, and usually start my day with a session of Sun Salutation to wake up and warm up my body and to smooth out my muscles. Some of my favourite every day poses are Low Lunge, Downward Facing Dog, Extended Triangle Pose, Gate Pose and Reclining Hero Pose. So yummy!

5) I a d o r e bananas. on a regular day i eat between 2-4 bananas, sometimes more. Can't stand overly ripe bananas though. They get so squishy... nana ice cream is best!

6) i like watching others playing computer games. Don't like playing myself though. Maybe i'm too scared.

7) Ever since i was a child, i was accompanied by my loyal pet: Struppi. (He's a plush toy.) I named him after the German name for Tintin's dog Snowy.

8) i have never fractured a bone so far (knock on wood). I did however nearly lose my left eyelid and my eyesight.

9) i was a true barbie girl as a child. One day, i remember cutting off the hair of one of my barbies, in the belief that it would grow back, ha ha! Well. It didn't.

10) As much as i love drawing, i only sit down to sketch about once or twice a year. I wish i would make time for it more often!! The drawing below is a recreation of the picture book Guess how much i love you :)

11) i love letting my fingers run through leaves, when i walk past a bush or shrub. and through hair! especially my boyfriends hair because it's super soft and fluffy :) Also: i LOVE the feeling of silky doggy ears! And guinea pig ears. And soft, velvety horse noses. Yep, i'm a bit weird.

12) The first time i earned money, i was around 12 years old. For a few days during summer holidays in Belgium, i placed a little side table with cups and big jugs of homemade peppermint and balm mint ice tea outside, for passers-by to drink from. Next to that i put a little jar for donations. When i counted the donated money in the end, it was around 20 bucks. Not bad, right?

13) i could lay in bed in my PJs (see above), eat nana ice cream and binge-watch my favourite series (game of thrones, breaking bad, six feet under, last airbender...) all day long.

14) The meaning of my first name is "pearl". Pretty, eh?

15) My parents wanted to call me Maya at first - which i think would have been a nice fit too, don't you think? - but changed their mind because of Maya the Bee.

16) Had i been born a boy, i would've been called Kilian. Well, good thing i wasn't born a boy then.

17) Doing the dishes, cleaning the house or tidying up my room can only be done whilst listening to music. Real loud.

18) From childhood to my teens i was seriously obsessed with Lord of the Rings. (If you know this already - again: i love you.) My walls were plastered with movie posters. And every time i heard the soundtrack theme somewhere, i broke into tears. #dramaqueen


19) i hate being on the tube. On the train i love gazing out of the window, but on the tube there's nothing to look at outside. And staring at your own reflection is really kinda awkward.

20) For some reason i have never used my mobile's calender app. When it comes to that, i definitely do prefer the old-fashioned, handwritten method. Also, you can "decorate" the pages of your book planner by sticking all sorts of fun things onto the pages or filling them with sketches! 

21) i am an olfactory person - (sort of like the guy from Perfume, yes, just not as creepy) - before drinking or eating anything, i have to smell it first, for example. Personally i appreciate the compliment "You smell nice" more than "You look pretty".

22) i find drinking water quite struggling. When i was younger i often had red, chapped lips. Not very pretty... Luckily, that has changed and i have learned to drink more water.

23) Every song i listen to in my playlist i have to learn by heart and sing along to it. There is no song in the world that i won't sing or hum to.

24) Once i like a song, i listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over until i hate it and everyone around me hates me. Yeah.

25) As a child i thought Nathan the Wise and Jonathan Livingston Seagull were one and the same. Turns out, they aren't.

26) i would lovelovelove to be able to play the piano. Why didn't my parents force me? Damnit.

27) i love the sea, but i also feel uneasy about it. especially when the water is dark and i can't see the ground, but only feel little animals or plants with my feet...

28) When i was 9 years old, i knocked out part of my right front tooth. On the school's girl's bathroom. Erm, yeah. (Told my teacher, i slipped on some candy. Not sure she believed me.)

29) When i was 8, i wrote a poem titled "roller-skate mouse". It was about a roller-skating mouse.
speaking of mice: here's a little mouse sketch i drew when i was around 15 or 16 years old :)

30) So far i've had dark blond, honey blond, light blond, beach blond, coffee brown and ginger hair, ranging from foxterrier-fur-short to ellbow-length.

31) When i was younger, i had bushy hair, big teeth, was constantly reading and being a little nerd, an eager beaver and know-it-all. I was basically Hermione, but in blond. Luckily I've grown out of that. Am still a little nerd, bookworm and know-it-all though...

32) i hatehatehate sweating. Ever since going high-raw vegan, i can deal with heat (back then i used to be super moody on days over 21 °C, i felt like the heat was sucking all my energy and i would be seriously grumpy and pissed and a pain in the butt, to be honest), but i still hate the feeling of sweaty, sticky skin.

33) Once a year i watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (Special Extended Edition), typically around Christmas. (did i mention i'm a LOTR addict?)

34) When something goes horribly wrong, i first freak out all panicky and then i start to be paralyzed from shock and get creepy calm. Actually the more quiet i am, the worse my condition is. So as long as i moan and whine and complain, it's all good ;)

35) I'd like to have a small side tattoo on my rib cage or at the "inside" of my upper arm. Some sort of writing. Asian characters perhaps. Or just one single character at the back of my neck, just underneath the hairline.
source: iloveyoulove.org

36) In elementary school i once pinched the reading specs from my grandma and felt incredibly smart wearing them around the school yard. (is there anyone else out there who pretended to need glasses?)

37) There's a small thin scar on my forehead where my aunt's long fingernail - not the aunt that was in Thailand with me though - accidentally scratched across my face. (does this make me Harry Potter? ... no?)

38) I'm not afraid of the dark. As a matter of fact, i find it quite soothing.

39) The very first Disney movie i watched in kindergarten was Snow White. My favourite Disney movie is Mulan. (there you go, two facts in one.)

source: cosmopolitan

40) From the age of 14 through to the age of 20 my Mommie made a raspberry cream cake every year for a birthday cake. Yumm! 

NOTE: I think i need to make a (raw) vegan, gluten-free version of that soon!
Something similar to my no-bake vegan Red Velvet Short Cake perhaps.

41) i love ancient Asian culture. And Asian food. I even wanted to learn Japanese at some point in my life. (that phase is over though.)

42) My worst nightmare: watch out! dis-gus-ting!: a snake with segmented shell-like skin like a woodlouse, nested in my brain and leaving behind its traces in my brain like tire tracks in the ground or like a fossil. Makes me think of that one Star Trek movie, i think it was The Wrath of Khan, where Khan He implants an eel-like looking parasite into the brains of someone, and the parasites enter the ears of their victims and allow Khan to control their minds. Or like that one Planet Earth episode, when a wasp lays its eggs into the body of an ant or a bug or something, and the larvae then eat their way out of their host. Told you it's disgusting. - Ugh, just thinking about it right now makes me queasy already...!

43) i haven't worn a watch in years. As a child i used to have a Tabaluga watch, then a blue plastic watch, then a silver one with rhinestones, and since then i haven't worn one any more. If i were to buy one now, i'd go for a slim, plain one of gold or rose gold.

44) i was born at full moon.

45) At the moment i am in the possession of 20 different sorts of tea and all in all 26 boxes of tea. Yep. I do like tea.

46) i can only enjoy a cup of coffee with lots of milk. (grain coffee, soy milk)

47) My favourite pieces of jewellery are pearls and (rose) gold jewellery.

48) Weird but true: i love walking through cemeteries. It's so quiet and peaceful there, i like the atmosphere very much. Also, i like to look for thrown-away flowers. If they're still fresh and pretty i will take them home and put them into my little vase. Yep.

these are asters that i found at a cemetery in early October. they are absolutely fine - why would anyone throw them away?!

49) i can't stand still when i'm brushing my teeth. I have to walk around, sometimes do a little leg workout, or sometimes i will even do things like tidy up single-handedly or try to write a text message using my left hand, which takes super long and is way too inconvenient to do, but hey. 

50) Last but not least: i really want to have a guinea pig again! And i'm gonna call him Pippin like the Hobbit in Lord of the Rings. And probably a second one called Merry. Below you can see a young me in awesome PJs, with tousled curls and my little guinea pig Mogi, reading the comic books of The Adventures of Tintin to him and being a little nerd. Me in a nutshell, haha! :)



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