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Besides the solar eclipse, it's international Day of Happiness today! But honestly i'm not feeling very happy at the moment, so i thought that would be the perfect reason to make a post on happiness. What is happiness anyway? I don't mean that in a rainbows-and-unicorns kind of way, but true simple happiness. Perhaps that's a good place to start: simplicity.

Right now i feel a little overwhelmed with juggling both handling my finances and living my life, not just existing and counting pennies. Happiness also means letting go, and i'm having a hard time doing that right now because i spent a lot more money than i anticipated and can afford. Which is okay because i am much "happier" as in much much more relaxed, more outgoing, more socially active than before - but at the same time it's not okay because it puts me under pressure and frightens me because i have always been good with money, and the feeling of having to cut down my expenses and sell a good pair of shoes to pay my monthly rent and also my studying, is just very very new to me. And it frightens me. But maybe that's also part of happiness: walking into the unknown, living from one moment to the other, and not being able to be in control of everything like i used to.

So simplicity then. Selling or simply getting rid of all the things i don't need and that might just weigh me down. Spending time with your loved ones, going for walks in shimmering moonlight, sleeping in a tent under the trees instead of a hotel room, drawing, listening to music, singing, dancing, making clean simple meals - instead of buying that new necklace or that overly expensive soy yoghurt.

I'm not saying: put up with the lowest option and don't strive for better things. I'm not saying that at all! But i'm saying: set your priorities! Is a pair of shiny high heels really worth it, or would you rather spend your money on a festival ticket where you can hang out for a week with your friends..?

Then again i do feel quite lucky, when i start thinking about it. I am not sick, i am currently on semester break and have loads of time to blog, write, read, sketch, bake, go for walks and what not. I have a lovely supportive family, great friends, the best flatmates i could ask for and a wonderful boyfriend. I am able to eat ice cream when ever i feel like it, i have a blog to act out my creativity even though it can be quite time consuming but i just love this platform!, i have a big flat and fresh herbs growing on our kitchen table and balcony, the weather is nice and spring-like today, i got two tutoring jobs to pay my weekly groceries, AND i'm spooning down a big batch of fresh mint nicecream (recipe over here) whilst watching the solar eclipse live stream (because it's incredibly foggy today where i live -.-), AND i also have just received a massage saying that one of my short stories has been chosen to be published by a renowned institution, which is a huge honour to me. 

Anyway, i guess i just wanted to throw out some thoughts on happiness. What IS happiness? How can YOU be happy? It's your responsibility after all! It's your life!

Do more of what makes you happy.


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