DIY Pom Pom Bunny for Easter

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Hey there little crafty bunnies :) 
It's been such a long, long time since my last DIY post! My blog is just drowning in recipe posts at the moment - i'm sorry if you are not into gluten-free, vegan recipes. 

So finally here is another Do It Yourself, just in time for Easter season! The last one i made was i think the Sleepy Bunny Bags from one year ago (?!) that can be used as lavender bags or gift/candy pouches. 

Today's "Pom Pom Bunny" is adapted from Martha Stuart using her Bunny How-To PDF. I've been wanting to craft this ever since i stumbled upon the Pom Pom Bunny a year or so ago, so here we go!

source: Martha Stuart

You need:
- yarn (i'm using white cotton, but brown, grey, beige or black would work too)
- scissors
- cardboard (i'm using a biscuit box)
- needle and thread, e.g. nylon
- felt (i'm using white felt)
- glue
- black and pink beads for eyes and nose (i'm using brass fasteners for the eyes actually)
- Chenille stem (i'm using cotton sticks instead)
- paper cupcake liner
- ribbon (optional)
- tiny artificial flowers (optional)

... and quite a bit of patience.

Step 01

First you gotta create... the pom-poms. You need two pom-poms: one for the head, and one for the body. I'm using this method (number 1) to make them by cutting two cardboard circles - like mentioned, i'm using an empty cookie box -, and using them as the framework for my first pom-pom. Once you finished the first one, cut it open and secure with a piece of yarn as shown in the instructions linked above. Then repeat with the second pom-pom.

Now trim one of the pom-poms into a larger oval for the body. Then trim the other pom-pom to create a smaller head. Mine turned out quite fluffy - compared to Martha Stuarts -, but i think it looks quite adorable that way. Sort of... younger?

Step 02

Get out your needle, because the next step entails sewing! First, push a threaded needle (ideally threaded with the same yarn as for the pom-poms) through the body part and then through the head, connecting the two parts. Secure with a tight knot. Alternatively, you could glue body and head together!

Then, sew the nose in place. I'm using a pink bead and transparent nylon thread so you won't see the stitches.

Step 03

Time to glue! 

To make the bunny's skirt, cut the circular bottoms of two paper cupcake liners. I lined the upper hem with silver glitter glue for a girly touch. Set aside and allow the glitter glue dry.

In the meantime, cut the bunny ears out of felt. Fold and glue the bottom of each ear to give it dimension, and hold into place with your fingertips or a clothes pin until dry.

NOTE: I'm using a thick contact adhesive for this, which was a big mistake because it left ugly yellow stains of glue on my white felt. So use a translucent fabric glue of some sort! 

Also, glue on your eyes. You can use black beads for this, or do it like i did and get creative with a pair of brass fasteners, which i painted with a black sharpie and, as soon as it had dried, finished with a coat of translucent nail polisher. Looks quite cute though, doesn't it?

Step 04

Next up: the limbs. Honestly I almost forgot about them, and then realized that i didn't have any white chenille stem, only green, yellow and brown ones (which would've worked perfectly on a brown bunny, but oh well...), so i had to improvise. Again.

After asking my boyfriend for help, we (okay, he) came up with a solution: Q tips! We simply cut them at the right length, and stuck them into the bunny's body. So simple but effective! And it looks quite cute, right? Maybe a bit... bandaged, but apart from that... i'm quite happy with how it turned out. Although i spent five minutes straight with laughing at my crippled Pom Pom Bunny creation, not even joking :D 

Step 05

Almost done! Wrap the cupcake skirt around the bunny's belly and glue the ends together at the waist. You could also tie a bow around the bunny's neck using ribbon, and attach an artificial flower to its hand (paw?) for decoration. And ta-daa! What looked like a fluffy snowman in the beginning, now looks like a cute Pom Pom Bunny! More or less, hahah!

It's not a masterpiece for sure, but honestly it was just fun to sit down and craft again! And it's still pretty cute in a way, right? I put mine into a flower pot with fresh mint where it will now keep me company and smile and wave until Easter or until it falls apart :) 

By the way, I named him (or rather: her) Bun Bun.

Did you ever make Martha Stuart's Pom Pom Bunnies? If so, how did they turn out? Did you have to improvise like me, and did you find it hard or easy? Perhaps if you have a fancy pom pom maker, chenille stem and proper glue, it won't be as time-consuming and fiddly as it was for me. Or maybe i just suck at these bunnies, haha! 

Thank you so much to the Oh My Heartsie Girls for featuring me this week! I'm so thrilled that my ugly deformed little Pom Pom Bunny got some love :')

Anyway, have a wonderful Wednesday, peeps!

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