Cacao Gingerbread Ice Cream (raw, vegan)

reading time: ca. 1 min

Preparation time: 5 mins + 3 hours freezing time
Main ingredients: banana, cacao, orange, oats
difficulty level: easy
serves: 1
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, raw food, and delicious "even so"

Now that's my kinda Guinness! 

It has of course nothing to do with beer. Because i don't like beer. You could probably say it's a marriage of my Spiced Gingerbread Ice Cream and Fragrant Vanilla Cake's Raw Cacao Gingerbread Shake. I love how well the taste of chocolate from the cacao and the orange go together. It's like Christmas all over again!


3 large bananas, frozen and cut into pieces
1 orange (or 1/4 cup orange juice or coconut water or raw vegan milk of your choice)
1 tsp peanut butter or other nut butter 
2 tsp tigernut powder (or any other protein powder you like)
2 tsp oats
2 tsp raw cacao powder
1 tsp cinnamon 
1/2 tsp ginger powder
generous pinch of gingerbread spice blend (cinnamon, fennel, anise, cloves, pepper, star anise)

- a high-speed blender or food processor (NO NEED FOR AN ICE CREAM MAKER!)


It's ridiculously easy: throw everything into your blender or food processor (i'm using a food processor this time), and pulse/blend until everything is nicely incorporated and creamy. I started with my frozen bananas and the orange, pulsed, then added the spices, and blended again.  

Using a spatula or spoon or a proper ice cream scoop, fill everything into a bowl (or do it like me and pile it up in a stylish Guinness glass :)), maybe sprinkle with cinnamon or cacao or cacao nibs and enjoy!



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