December Essentials /14

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Maybe you remember me saying in my November Essentials that October/November was quite a tough, confusing time for me. Well, turns out November/December isn't any better. Actually it has been even more confusing, if that's even possible. Things just happen sometimes, i guess. But then again, i really need to get my shit together and take responsibility. So here's what's been going on over the past weeks: I have been partying too much, drinking too much, sleeping way too little, eating crap, and basically treating myself like shit. Sorry, but it's true. I was kind of a mess, a mixed signal, and i did some things i wouldn't usually have done under normal circumstances. I don't regret anything though because i feel like all of these things were necessary at the time. Anyway, i am sorting things out now. I want to do more Yoga again, sleep more (!!), eat healthier again, stop wasting money, stop wasting myself.

Alright. Diary emotion rant over.

Now onto Christmas jumpers. And Smoothie bowls!

Christmas Jumper

Finally, i got a Christmas jumper. You would not believe how long i've been wanting to get one! This could have easily been one of the tasks for my Day Zero Project, not even joking :D

I actually got two Christmas jumpers, this colourful one, and a grey-white one (see below). Both H&M. And super comfy! I could live in these.

Random side note: i think my hair has grown noticeably ever since i chopped it off on Halloween, hasn't it?

Speaking of that, here's a "before" and "after" shot of my hair the day after i cut it (November 1st) and six weeks later (December 15th)... i can finally curl it again! and yes, i'm wearing the exact same hoodie :D

THEN (Nov 1st)
NOW (Dec 15th)

Now onto the Smoothie Bowls that i promised you. There's quite a lot of them.

Green Bowl of Bliss

Mango Paradise

(Wal)Nut Job

recipe: click here

Tropical Winter


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