Christmas Craziness + Resolutions

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Hey, it's me. With reindeer glasses. And antlers. And a little reindeer buddy.

I don't believe in New Years resolutions that barely last till the end of January, so i'll do my some of my resolutions right now, right here.

⛄️ I will take 60 or at least 30 minutes of my day to exercise my body. Whatever i feel like: Pilates, Yoga, Kick-boxing, Zumba, brisk walking, or dancing like crazy to music.

⛄️ I will keep my meals simple. Fresh fruits & veggies, pumpkin & potatoes, clean eating, no processed food, overt fats (avocado, nuts, seeds) only in moderation, little sodium and no refined sugar. (Only exceptions are when my boyfriend or my flatmates cook for me ;))

⛄️ I will wear whatever makes me feel pretty and comfortable, whether that's a fancy dress in winter or a snuggly sweater - i'll just wear whatever i feel like. for example i really want to get a reindeer sweater (because as my boyfriend quite rightly pointed out, that's definitely missing in the picture :D)

⛄️ I will be even more honest than i already am, not using any excuses or holding back my opinion just to "fit in with the crowd". Step up and stand your ground.

⛄️ I will live in the most cosy environment :) for example, i didn't even get out my Christmas decorations (candles, snowman and Santa figurines, twigs, baubles,...) so that's what i'm gonna do today!

⛄️ on that note: I will take some time at night to pamper myself (bubble bath, face mask, manicure, reading time, drawing,...) because my days have been super busy ever since i started masters program this year.

⛄️ and last but not least: I will not take life for granted. In the past i treated myself really poorly, and even though i am so lucky to be blessed with supportive friends and family and financial security i never truly appreciated it. The only thing i would do was feel bad about it because i felt i didn't deserve it.

Live life to its fullest! Don't hold (yourself or others) back. Unless of course the situation calls for a little holding back and saying no ❤️


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