Travel Diary | Weinheim & Wedding

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I spent last weekend in the deep dark south of Germany: Weinheim, where my uncle and godfather got married. The city of Weinheim (translating to "Wine Home"), also known as Zwei-Burgen-Stadt ("Two-Castle city") is located in one of the most southerly provinces of Germany, named after the two fortresses on the hill overlooking the town lying in the valley. Similar to Lüneburg (travel diary of that over here), it has a picturesque old town that somehow also reminded me of certain villages and small towns in Italy with its narrow alleys and its exterior walls decorated with stucco.

The most beautiful thing about Weinheim (besides it being a city of weddings, apparently, because besides my uncle's wedding there were at least 5 other weddings that day, and several more over the weekend...) is its location nearby the forest. It is practically surrounded by woods and hiking tracks.

On one of my morning walks i to the ruins of Windeck Castle, and on another day me and my Mum hiked up to visit the second, more highly situated fortress (Wachenburg), as you can see in the pictures below.

You can also see that we had a blast letting fly helium balloons (even though this is not eco-friendly at all because we are practically blowing plastic and litter into the air...). There were a whole 150 balloons, and to everyone attached a little self-created greeting card with drawings or best wishes for the newly weds. I actually "designed" three cards: one with a huge three-tier wedding cake, one with a hot-air balloon, and one with a bear holding three air balloons, seen below.

Oh, Weinheim is also home to the oldest and once largest cedar (a Lebanon Cedar) of Germany, that was planted around 1720, is 23 meters high and 27 meters wide. Unfortunately, i didn't take a picture of the entire tree, but only it's branches, seen below.

By the way, my uncle/godfather was lucky enough to hold his marriage ceremony and wedding party at the Weinheim Castle which used to be the former palace of the Elector Palatines. Pretty cool, eh?

Even though there was no photographic evidence of that, all we did most of the time was eat, of course. I got super delicious vegan dishes for all the meals, which were very salty and oily, but nonetheless extremely delicious.

But enough rambling. On to the photos.


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