How To: Open a Young Coconut

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This is the story of a young coconut... alright, all jokes aside. 

For as long as i can think i have known a coconut to be sort of round, hairy and brown. Sort of like the picture below. Turns out i have only known the mature coconut. Which has firm white flesh and a bristle dark brown shell. The young coconut however is even-skinned, green (or white if store-bought), and has only a soft thin layer of white flesh - as you can see in the following pictures. 

So i grabbed a big knife - 'cause i didn't have a machete or an axe at hand, lol - and, well, basically i let my mum do all the work. 

But hey, i had to take the photos! Right? 

So here they are:

Cracking open a young coconut:

#step 1: get a ripe young coconut and a solid knife with a sharp smooth blade. 
(i have no idea how to tell when a coconut is ripe, so if you do please tell me!)

#step 2: if you want to drink the coconut water right from the coconut with a straw, follow these instructions! this is what we did first, until we discovered - by accident, my mum decided to go berserk on the coconut - that it would have been smarter to start from the other end of the coconut.

#step 3: so if you want to get to the jelly-like young meat, lay your coconut sideways and carefully, holding your knife with a steady grip, cut straight down the green coconut husk and let your knife naturally curve around the round coconut shell underneath.

#step 4: once you have uncovered the round "lid" (it really does just work like that!), hit the heel of your knife (or the tip, but be careful not to break it!) right into the edge of the "lid". Wedge your knife up to lever up the lid which comes off pretty easily. And there you have it: your (somewhat disappointingly little) coconut meat that you can take out with a spoon or a spatula, and your (surprisingly much) fresh, clear coconut water! In my case, there was no coconut water of course, because we had already sipped it out of the coconut (hence the little hole in the back, can you see?)

That's it! Hurray! And if you still have all ten fingers of yours then cheers to you, and enjoy your fresh coconut water :) 

Good luck ~


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