Hair & other stories

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Are you ready for a personal, awkward, slightly narcissistic post? 
So... here's my somewhat embarrassing hair story. Along with some somewhat embarrassing other stories... enjoy the ride :)

Disclaimer: please excuse the terribly awkward selfies. it's gonna be a lot of those. 
as you can see i was a very fashionable kid, lol. see how i rocked those two stylish blonde bangs? oh yeah. (no dying here by the way. that was my natural hair colour.)

BTW: the picture above, the one with the cat in my arms, was taken in Nepal. i was around 6 and well, obviously i was sort of like a blonde Hermione Granger with my bushy hair :) 

no idea why i felt the need to take a selfie of myself yawning in a tent whilst camping in Belgium, but there you go. my hair was a fluffy mess that time.

did someone mention a fluffy mess? well, take THAT! if i hadn't been blonde, you could've thought i was a white African, couldn't you. crazy crazy curls! but the old ladies loved them (me: not so much), haha. How could my parents even let me leave the house like that? oh my... :')

By the way, i must've been around 8 or 9 in this picture, i remember we were visiting one of my aunts who used to own quite a big farm - they even had two boars which were called Kriemhilde (or was it Brünhilde? something from the Nibelung for sure) and... damnit, i can't remember the male boar's name, but it was a super old-fashioned German name too, maybe Artus or Waldemar or Lothar or something - i mean, how awesome is that!
okay, great leap forward: so i was around 15 here. as you can see, i got my hair chemically straightened in an African hair salon. And boy, was it long! (and my eyebrows were out of control...)

oh, the Webcam selfies... yeah. I look so different there... and slightly full of myself, but hey i was a teenager, alright.
FYI, ever since that time i got my GHD straightener and have been straightening my hair with the same one more or less non-stop.

My first hair cut in years! Featuring a half-as-long bob kind of hair style. At that time i was still going to the hair dresser's - i think the picture was actually taken right after i came back from the hair dresser's. I must be around 16 in that picture, and just returned from my 3 month stay abroad in England (best decision ever! i learned so much over there!) That was also the time when i started to become obsessed with working out and losing the weight that i had gained during my stay in England...

Fun fact: you may have noticed my left eye being slightly smaller than my right eye. That's because of an accident i had when i was 15. On Whitmonday i woke up early in the morning, still half asleep, and went to the loo. Coming back to crawl back into bed, i fell asleep - still walking! -, dropped and managed to knock over my standing mirror - that is kind of a complicated story involving my guinea pigs' cage being pushed against the wall. Anyways. The mirror fell over and somehow hit my left eye - beats the hell out of me, how this could even happen. But it happened. And i spend a week in the hospital, had to undergo surgery and have stitches (this might be disgusting: my eyelid got slashed in the accident), aaaand that's the story of why my right eye is slightly smaller than my left eye. yep :)

Now enough with the severed eyelids. Back to the hair stories. Here you can see me sporting unstraightened foxy red hair. In this picture i might not look too bad, but in real life i totally regretted this hair colour.

Still curly and gingery. Still havin' the braces. I must have been... 17, i think? This picture was taken in September 2009 in Azzano, Italy. I remember this being the best class trip ever (a three-week study trip in arts, class 12, to "bella italia"). We had SO much fun, the weather was great, even the white wine was great (i don't like wine at all usually). Yeah, i remember, this was just before my big 18th birthday party - another great memory :)

Getting things straight again. And brown. Oh my... another hair colour i regretted looking back... dark hair is just not my type. At all. In all fairness it must be said that i only dyed my hair brown because of a movie i was shooting at that time. Not a cinema movie though, just my own 52-min-long production that i made as a project work in class 12, in which i played the main character Lola (the whole thing was an homage to Run Lola Run, but let's not talk about that any longer).

Oh webcam, there we go again! Still brown and flat-haired. And being cray-cray with my bestest friend :) We're both almost 18 there by the way, haha!

Yeah, still the same. Except for the braids. I remember wearing my hair like that most of the time, and i still do that to this day - such an easy way to spice up boring flat hair!

Ps. I also remember that later that night a friend of mine hosted a Halloween Birthday Party at his house, and i went as San from Princess Mononoke! (see above, again with my bestie)

Erm... what can i say. That way my heavy-makeup-and-frizzy-hair--i'm-a-teenager-so-let-me-do-my-shit-okay? phase. I like to call that my Avril Lavigne phase.

Ah, that's better! Finally a little more in place. I love this super sleek look. Also, the fading out brownish auburn colour is quite nice. Looks so shiny, doesn't it?

This was taken the day after my 18th birthday. As you can see, my hair colour is still a mix of blonde and brown, resulting in this autumnal reddish brown. Way better than the foxy red a few years back! (let's not talk about this mix of patterns though, lol)

Ah, i remember that phase. I'm 18 here. Lots of partying, clubbing, dolling up... for that i liked to wear my hair in big voluminous curls. (i curled it using my straightening iron - i do this ever since) 
Oh, and i finally got my braces out! Thank goodness. My teeth look quite neat,  don't they? very white and even (although i have to say in the "yawning picture" they looked pretty good already, so why did i have to go through all this unpleasantness?!)

Oh yeah. That was just before my final A-level exam (early 2011). To celebrate i chopped off a good part of my long hair (maybe that was the time that i started to cut it myself?) and went for a bright "barbie blonde". This was in April, so on the brink of a long off-school summer, and i felt so light and happy and absolutely loved this hair style! Still 18 here by the way.

Growing out the beach blonde, i re-dyed my hair roots with a slightly darker, more yellowish tone. Not the best idea. This picture was taken in 2011 on the day we got our A-level results, in June i think, and i wore my hair unstraightened and in a bun. I wore it like that almost that entire summer.

Me and my best friend being a little cray-cray again (see above, lol). Still growing out the colouration, my hair being kind of straw-coloured and straightened/curled. The photo was taken on the night of our graduation party, yay!

One year later, late September in 2012, London. I had just turned 20, and me and a couple of my friends from university (i had started to study Creative Writing & Cultural Journalism in autumn of the previous year, which is now about to come to an end) went on a trip to England and had a frickin good time! 
My hair: evenly straightened/curled. On the upper half you can see my natural hair colour (i guess that's what you'd call ash blonde), on the lower half the rest of my "barbie" colouration. I loved this natural "ombre" effect!

Again, one year later. This was in August 2013. I had started my blog, and as you can probably tell, i didn't feel all that comfortable taking selfies :'D
In that picture i'm wearing my hair unstraightened and pretty close to my natural hair colour - at least in summer where my hair bleaches due to the sunlight. Notice my hair being much less thick and curly as it was when i was younger. The colourations played their part in that for sure - and to be honest, i was very happy about it. i definitely hated my curly hair mass when i was younger.

As you can see in this picture (also 2013, at the climax of my eating disorder), only the tips were still blonder than the rest of my hair, creating this sort of ombre effect. Pretty neat, right?
Also, my hair has grown darker over the years - which is what happens to most light-haired children, especially when having dark-haired parents like I have. 

February 2014: reddish blonde (unstraightened and straightened). After not having had a proper hair cut in over six months, i spontaneously chopped off my hair and dyed it once more. I was recovering from my eating disorder at that time, and i needed a new hair style to start fresh. On the package it said "honey blonde", but if you ask me it's more of a strawberry blonde. Anyways. I didn't expect that outcome, but still quite enjoyed the neat look of an even hair colour.

July 2014. Last but certainly not least: beach blonde again. 
I didn't want to go squeaky blonde, but rather a golden kind of blonde because i think the light hair colour suits me best. What do you think?
(Again, ignore the awkward selfie.) 


November 2014. Not exactly what i had intended on Halloween Night, but somehow i ended up chopping my hair quite a bit. Whoops. I think the last time my hair was this short was in my pre-teen years (see the first three pictures). After that i felt so unfamiliar and sort of more mature but at the same time younger, sassier, a bit tomboyish. It was great! Even though i regretted it right afterwards, but you gotta let go of things. Including hair. And i guess after moving to a new town and experiencing a bad break-up, i needed a "cut".

September 2015. My naturally ash blonde hair has grown back (except for the tips), and i'm the happiest i've been in years! Happy and healthy.

August 2016. This is what i look like right now. All natural. No hair dye, no make-up, nothing. Just me. Maisy.

So, yeah... that was... embarrassing. Hope you had fun :)


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