25 Ways to Wear a Bun

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Hey honey buns (bad joke, i know),
please excuse the amount of "external" posts at the moment, but i have been on vacation last week and frankly didn't want to spend hours preparing a more sophisticated blog entry -.- 
So for today's post i put together a small (cough) collage* of different types of hair buns, covering everything from the neat and tidy chignon to messy bun to donut bun and even Leia's double buns. Did i miss anything?

(1) Tousled Bun

(2) Ballerina Bun

 (3) Bohemian Bun

(4) Low Bow

(5) Top Bow

(6) Braided Bun

(7) Chinese Bun

(8) Cinnamon Bun

(9) Classic Chignon

 (10) Donut Bun

(11) Double Braided Bun
source: hairstyles-tutorial.blogspot

(12) Fishtail Braid

(13) Floral Bun

(14) Flower Bun

(15) French Braid
source: Luxy Hair

(16) Hepburn Bun

(17) High Bun

(18) Leia Buns

(19) Low Leia Buns

(20) Low Bun

(21) Messy Bun

(22) Side-swept Bun

(23) Textured Bun

(24) Top Bun

(25) Trendil Bun

*DISCLAIMER: The following images do not belong to me! Found via pinterest and google search.

PS: I just noticed that this post was featured on the Truly Lovely Blog last week! Thanks once again, Kassi & Kayli!

Truly Lovely

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