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Yeah, i admit it, my nerdy vibes are shining through a little stronger lately - and here's another monthly media round-up including superheroes and even spirituality, yikes ;)

Read: The Future Is Now (2009)

This book has been sitting in my shelf for a few years, and a few days ago i finally came around to sit down and give my attention to The Future Is Now. Lately i've been delving more into spirituality and Buddhism in particular - oh my, i am not turning into this stereotypical esoteric vegan hippie chick, am i? haha. no offence.

But seriously. I do not like stringent religiousness all too much, however i do feel very drawn to a sense of spirituality, especially in it's Eastern interpretation. With my parents, my grandma and one of my aunts having chosen a Buddhist approach to life i suppose it kind of runs in my family, but only recently i started to take a deeper look into Buddhism of my own accord - hence me reading this book. It was written by the 17th Karmapa, one of the greatest spiritual teachers in Buddhism, and consists of 108 advising but not preaching quotes. 
(side note: in Tibetan Buddhism the number 108 represents i.a. the 108 delusions of the mind that need to be faced and overcome in order to gain enlightenment)
The sayings are simple and straight forward and easy to apply, making this book a very pleasant read. It would also be great as a gift, for Buddhism newbies or simply for day-to-day inspiration. Even the title itself is an inspiration already: Worrying about the future won't get us anywhere, because the future is merely an imaginary concept that in fact does not exist. Presence is the only time that does exist. NOW is the future because right now we are creating our future, defined by our choices, our actions, our decisions.
What i like about this book is that a) it's not "religious" at all, just very profound and inspirational, regardless of religious belief or cultural background. And b) it's not just something you flick through and go like "yeah, yeah, sounds right, whatever he says", but instead the reader is required to examine and reconsider every advice that is given to him for himself. Or as Karmapa puts it: 
Use your brain. Generally speaking, people are concerned with their own welfare. You cannot really know whether their advice is meant for your benefit – or for themselves. You may find some who appear to want to help you but actually have other intentions and others who sincerely mean well but lack the wisdom to give good advice. Taking this into account, it is better to use your own brain and investigate your situation than to rely on the advice of others.

Watched: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

source: imdb
Another FUTURE-themed favourite, but in a whole nother way. Hope ya ready for another movie review X-travaganza (see what i did there? yeh...)
Having watched (and absolutely enjoyed) the first three X-Men movies as well as the prequel X-Men: First Class (2011) there was no doubt i was going to see it's sequel/prequel (the chronological placing is quite confusing this time) right after it premiered. So i did. The full monty: undubbed and 3D. And it was worth it.

The Plot:
Phew... where to start? So some time in the future the world has turned into a dark, desperate place (who'd have thought) where most mutants as well as most humans have been eliminated by so-called Sentinels, which are basically super powerful robots that can adopt any mutant skills, making them pretty much invincible. Yeah, annoying, right? Anyway, as one of the last surviving mutants Logan/Wolverine is sent back via time travelling to alter a momentous event in the past and to prevent this dystopian future to happen, and here - in the glitzy groovy 70's - is where the real fun begins.

The Acting:
Who cares about acting - i mean, Hugh Jackman is on the screen, and he shows some big muscles! Alright, jokes aside. Jackman as Wolverine gives a brilliant performance as always. I love this man and his humor. He's hilarious. Speaking of talented - cough cough: hot - actors, James McAvoy portrays the role of a younger Charles Xavier once more. Ah i love James McAvoy, i love this guy. So sweet and intense and expressive. 
So along with Peter Dinklage, three of my favourite male actors were all united on screen! Also, the cast for this movie is HUGE. Not only have we got the entire cast of the newest X-Men films, but also the cast from the old films as well as some new characters. Perhaps as a consequence of that circumstance i was quite disappointed that Michael Fassbender as Erik/Magneto didn't shine in his role as much as he could have. Overall he seemed a little... bland. But luckily we've got Quicksilver to make up for that loss - he made for some of the coolest, most entertaining scenes in the movie. Oh, and the fight scenes were da bomb.

The Message:
Honestly i left the cinema with mixed feelings. Yes, the movie was a stunning experience (concerning both graphics and plotting), but i am not sure about the entire set-up. The initial motivation of the characters and their sudden use of time travel are explained only poorly, and the relationship between Charles and Erik go short, in comparison to the previous film. And can someone please explain to me why a vision of the future always has to look like one huge post-apocalyptic gloomy graveyard that lacks any remains of any culture or social system? Yeh, i guess it's just trendy at the moment. Apart from that X-Men: Days of Future past provides great action, a gripping plot, entertainment and another appealing visualisation of the message that - listen up, guys - that not fitting into the norm is not a handicap, but can actually be an advantage. I think we humans still gotta learn that. Anyway. This movie is definitely a must-see for little nerds like me :)

Maisy rates: 8.5/10

Listened to: Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)

What can i say? It's just a perfect house remix of Lana Del Rey's smoky song that is super fun to dance or workout along to. I already really enjoyed the original version, but this i am absolutely in love with at the moment!


other stuff i listened to in May:

Once Upon a Dream (Maleficent) by Lana Del Rey (very slow, very soft, like a dark mysterious dream... when i heard this on the radio for the very first time, it immediately struck me that i knew this song from my early Disney childhood... aah the feels...)
Glory and Gore by Lorde 
Signs by Bloc Party
The Great Toymaker (GuildWars 2) by Leif Chappelle
Fellow Citizens (Ergo Proxy) by Yoshihiro Ike 
Centzontotochtin (Ergo Proxy) by Yoshihiro Ike

Hey it's a brand new month! Enjoy June, you lovelies ~


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