June Essentials /14

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V is for Vegan. And vegan = peace ✌️

this by the way is a reference to the wonderful Steph on instagram :)

~ recipe for this sweet summer smoothie down below! ~


Maybe this month is "consciousness month" for me - don't laugh at me - 'cause it seems i consciously committed myself to two things already, the first one being a more spiritual awareness of my life, and the second one... well, veganism.

Yes i guess i have been eating (mostly) vegan ever since i started my blog, but i never called myself a vegan because - well because i didn't have the mindset of a vegan. Even though i have been a vegetarian from the age of 8 or so (the reason being that i realized where the sausage i was eating came from), that didn't mean i was concerned about the occasional egg or the honey i was eating (not until i watched this anyway).

Both veganism and Buddhism are actually very similar to me, since they have their core aspect in common: compassion. I think this is something everybody on the planet should practise more, myself included. Be more compassionate to your fellows! Whether human or animal or object or plant. Also, practising compassion includes being compassionate and understanding towards yourself as well!

Pyjama OOTD

By the way, i'm still in my PJ's from Primark in the picture above (#cantbebothered). They're called Flower Girl Shorts in the colour Oatmeal and they cost 5 bucks. I think they're adorable :')

EDIT: i have to say, i do not support Primark at all. i can gladly say that i have honestly never bought anything from Primark except for these floral pyjama shorts and the strawberry jammies last summer, and i hope that won't change because i do not like their "business philosophy" a.k.a. the-shit-they-pull at all. just needed to clear that up.

Also, how d'you like my hair today? I needed to get my hair up because it is HAWT outside today! and i hate when my neck gets all warm and sticky from my long hair, so i threw it into a ponytail and spontaneously decided to add a little extra kick. That's where the Bohemian braid came from.

Yeah yeah, wearing black clothes when it's 35° C / 95° F outside isn't exactly the smartest thing to do (what can i say - i like my black basics), but apart from that i think i'm all set for summer.


I don't know about you, but juicy sweet melons just scream "summer" to me! So i've been really digging in on them this month: Honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, galia... i take'm all, girl! 

Here's another galia melon that i had last weekend, and another summery melon smoothie (frozen chunks of cantaloupe, honeydew, mango and grapes + 1 fresh banana). Brain freeze!

Also, feel free to laugh at my attempt to use a teaspoon as a melon baller. yeah... i need a fuckin melon baller!

Now for the Melon Smoothie in the V-is-for-Vegan picture you need:

1 galia melon (mine was rather small)
1/3 garden cucumber
good squeeze of lemon juice

No water needed. No sugar needed. You got all the sugar in the melon, my dear. And it don't make you fat, alright? Otherwise i'd be rolling around like a giant bliss ball by now. Which luckily, i'm not. Instead i'm still in my pyjama shorts, lol.
Back to the smoothie: Just blend it all up and slurp it down! I love the mixture of sweet melon, fresh garden cuke and a spritz of lemon. I chilled everything in the fridge for a while. So light and refreshing! 

Cheerz my dearz!

Carb up and peace out ✌️


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