Top 10: Music to Help be Productive

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Having written a term paper on the effects of background music on the human brain, i can tell you that it is proven not to be productive to listen to overly loud music or complete silence. Instead you should surround yourself with a moderate ambient noise ("easy listening") that will induce processing difficulty, leading to abstract processing and, consequently, to greater creativity. In other words: a moderate ambient noise (around 62 to 70 decibels) enhances creativity by prompting abstract thinking. The only thing i wonder though is: how do you find out the decibel level of your music on a pc or mobile?

Counting down, i present to you my personal Top Ten of music to stimulate creativity, productivity and getting sh*t done:

10. Amélie - Full Soundtrack

9. Luminous Green - DJ Set

8. Music to Study and Work to

7. Gravity - Full Soundtrack

6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Full Soundtrack

5. The Lord of the Rings - Full Soundtrack

4. How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Full Soundtrack

3. The Lord of the Rings - Complete Symphony

or this amazing compilation of all calm ambient tracks from the three Lord of the Rings films:

2. Coffitivity

1. Rainy Mood

Good luck ~ 

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