April Essentials /14

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Beauty Patches

First of all i have something more deep to share with you. So instead of an outfit of the day, here's this video that you may or may not have seen already. If you have, go ahead and watch it another time. It bears repeating: A sister just can't get enough of this, you hear me.

Everybody has something to conceal. A scar they want to hide. Acne, thin hair, a crooked nose... i am definitely not immune to that. Sometimes when i look at myself in the mirror, i wish for longer legs, smaller boobs, a cuter nose. It's ridiculous really. But it's true, and it's okay to feel "imperfect". 

Watching this video has made me think about the meaning of BEAUTY again. Beauty is defined by your mind. If you FEEL beautiful, you ARE beautiful. (not in an arrogant, self-absorbed way, that is.) 

It is not your chubby cheeks or the pimples on your forehead that define your face - it is the smile and the happiness in your eyes that do

Bits and bobs

On a less profound note, these are some of my random essentials for this month:

Do it yourself. As you probably noticed, i've been really into DIYs lately. Within the last week i have made an entire family of no-bake Bunny Biscuits and cocoa-coated Easter Eggs as well as a Sleepy Bunny Bag (for goodies, candy or lavender) and decorative little Ladybugs using walnut shells. Hell yeah!

Mint. see below.

Buckwheat. Yes, my oat addiction has been successfully defeated - instead i am a buckwheat addict now, lol! But seriously, buckwheat is the bomb. You can put it into your breakfast cereal, sprinkle it on top of ice cream (it's just like brittle!) or as part of a soup or salad. Personally i love blending it in a smoothie with bananas for a thicker consistency. 

Crafting paper. Like i said: obsessed with Do-it-yourselfs and crafting at the moment. And since i am a girly girl that loves collecting cute stuff (especially anything having to do with adorable bunnies) you can imagine how excited i was about getting these cutesy-patootsie sheets of sugar paper and vintage stickers (it's-so-fluffy-i'm-gonna-die!). Yeh.

vintage Easter stickers // bunny // Little red riding hood
adorable printed Japanese origami paper
more tiny Japanese paper...
...and a small set of paper-clips, a tiny tape dispenser and even a tiny stapler! *-*

Fresh Mint

At the beginning of April i bought a pot of organic mint for the very first time, and i have already come up with various ways to incorporate fresh peppermint into my daily diet. Here are some of my favourites:

raw vegan Zucchini Fettuccine with Orange Banana Mint Sauce
Russian Beet Soup (Borschtsch) with Mint leaves
Ice Cream
raw vegan Mint Ice Cream
Green Tea
vanilla Green tea with Mint leaves!

So don't beat yourself up about BEAUTY. Beauty is just a word, nothing more.
Remember, it's all about the bits and bobs, dear loved ones :')


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  1. I like that beauty patch. Reminds me of THE WORK of Byron Katie: It all takes place in your mind. The world is what you believe it to be. And you are part of the world. Love the 'transformed' nut shells! And the nice pics in general...

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, susumi! This Byron Katie sounds like an interesting person. perhaps i should check her out some time. Right now i'd love to have a beauty patch though :'D
      all the best ~ maisy


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