Self-Love Photo-A-Day [Results]

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The only real failure is the failure to try, and the measure of success is how we cope with the disappointment, as we all must. ~ The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Hello love,
so the month has gone by, and the self love photo a day challenge created by Joanna Soh is over. It's time to show my results... here we go:

1. Selfie
Taken February 9.

2. Relax
Watching some episodes of Avatar: The Legend of Korra. i love watching animation. So relaxing. Although Korra isn't even half as good as my all-time favourite Avatar: The Last Airbender, but oh well... this shows us once again that we should never compare ourselves or anything else with anything or anyone...

3. Motivation
Summer 2013, the best summer so far. My greatest motivation is the feeling of summery lightness, jumping around, running effortlessly, wearing flowy printed dresses instead of chunky coats and boots, and just feeling comfortable in my skin.

4. Body
Outfit of the day: Navy & Stripes.

5. Breakfast
Fresh orange juice and a bowl of raw vegan porridge: mashed ripe bananas, tigernut flour & chopped apples.

6. Mindfulness
Paying attention to the little things.
I love daisies. So casual and yet so pretty.

7. Giving Back
One of my favourite ways to give back is by cooking or baking. While i love getting people books, DVDs, jewellery and fun gimmicks, i love giving away food because it is made with love and well, very useful. 
(What you see here is of course my creamylicious Banana Tiramisu!)

8. Insecurities

9. Guilty Pleasure
Lots of oats and raisins. (i'm intolerant to gluten... shouldn't eat oats. oh well...)

10. Meatless Monday
Who needs meat? i'm having a big bowl of raw broccoli (200g), red lentils (lightly cooked for 6 minutes), 1/2 avocado, vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, herbs and pepper for lunch.

11. Exercising
Erm... well, that shall represent my every morning yoga sequence... don't worry though, i can do better than this ;)

12. Confidence
My big snuggly lambswool sweater! The comfiest thing on earth.

13. Food Cupboard / Fridge
Currently being at my Auntie's and Uncle's during my working experience at the desk. As you can see: Lots of fruits (mainly bananas, mangos, apples and citrus) and veggies (mainly carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce and avocados), oh and two buckets of cherry tomatoes.

14. True Love
My beloved rose-gold YES bracelet that reminds me to stand by and stand up for myself. I wear it every day.

15. Fear

16. Family
Sorry, Mum and Dad, but you two are just too adorable in your carnival outfits - nobody could recognize you like that anyway :) you're amazing, love you

17. FITspiration
Victoria D in her food diary video // Adriene Mishler in her morning yoga video

18. A Day's Meal
Raw vegan "mashed potatoes" to go = processed cauliflower + leek + lemon juice + splash of almond milk + handful of no-fat no-sodium roasted pistachios + herbs and spices.

19. Favourite Workout
My favourite workout? Apart from Yoga: Walking through the woods. I do this pretty much every midmorning, around 5 kilometers / 3 miles per day. Usually: wearing a skirt or a dress and dirty wellies, lol :'D

20. Challenge
Going FULLY raw. Yes, i do already eat mostly raw vegan, but i'm not eating enough yet. Because when eating raw (mostly fruit), you have to get in a massive volume in order to take in a proper amount of calories, which for me is still very challenging. Especially because i feel embarrassed when eating super much in public with other people looking at me weirdly while i'm smashing down 6 bananas or a whole bag of pears in one going... but i'm working on that. 
What you can see here is the remains of 4 lbs fresh Algerian "Deglet Nour" dates & Arabian "Medjool" dates. There was also a third box, filled with very dark soft Persian dates, i'm guessing "Ammari", but they've gone into my tummy already... Carb it up, girl!!

21. Celebration
Black velvet boots. Treated myself to these pretty babies.

22. Bare Face
Honestly, on the very first picture you can see my bare face as well because this is not something special for me. I barely ever wear make-up, frankly because i am just too lazy. The only thing i put on is mascara every other day. Yep.

23. Nature
I love water. This is the river where my parents live, by the way. Oh, and there's a seagull :)

24. Support
My yes/love bracelet. (see Nr. 14)

25. Gratitude
Blooming spring. It's a new year, a new beginning, and i am grateful for the chances i get, the chances i did get in the past, and the challenges and chances that i will get in the future.

26. Pre or Post Workout
Me: Post Workout and Pre Shower :) again with a bare face by the way... i know, it's bad, i'm just too lazy to draw stuff on my face :'D
By the way: this was taken after i had dyed my hair strawberry red! Is it just me or did the colour fade out already?! That doesn't make any sense - it's a permanent hair dye! Ah, whatever...

27. Success
Yay, i'm carbing up more and more every day! Fruit days filled with mangoes, dates and of course bananas are finally working for me - almost going on Banana Island, yay! -, and i am hoping to increase this even more. Smash in those sweet fruity carbs! This, by the way, is a bowl of creamy delicious Matcha (green tea) Ice Cream. I'm going to post the recipe to this darling as soon as i have "perfectioned" it :) [EDIT: Matcha ice cream recipe!]

28. After Selfie

Taken today, March 2.
That's it. That's the end. Although - that is not true at all. This last picture doesn't mark the end, but rather a new beginning. I hope. I don't know. Do you notice any difference between the first and the last selfie? By the way, i did use the very first pictures i took, so it would depict the mood of the moment as truthfully as possible.
I'm glad i did this challenge. I can only hope to have gained a little more self love. But it was certainly interesting to see what i associated with the different words. Some pictures don't come with an explanation because it was too personal for me to share, but these are my honest answers to the "quest".

For now it's good bye and have a good weekend. Take a nice bubble bath and pamper yourself a little :)

Lots of (self) love ~


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