Self-Love Challenge

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Hello lovely,
February is (annoyingly) known to be the month of love. But apart from romance and relationships with others, we should not forget that the most important thing is LOVING YOURSELF. 

That's why i'm encouraging you to join in on the so called Self-Love Photo-A-Day Challenge - i stumbled upon this only a few days ago, thanks to the lovely Joanna, meaning that i am a few days "behind", but who cares? Not only February is the time to love yourself, so no matter how late to the party you are, it's great you're at the party at all :) 

Let's all have some fun and get to know ourselves a little better!

source: instagram

So here's how it works:

Take a picture everyday, interpreting a selection of words, using this list below as an inspiration!

source: instagram
If you like, you can share your pictures on your preferred social platform (using the hashtag #selflovephotoaday). 

Don't feel pressured to do so though! This Challenge is not about comparing yourself to others or even to compete against each other. On the contrary: this challenge is about you and you alone. 

Do you love yourself? Do you even appreciate yourself? Think about it! What are your insecurities? What are you thankful for? Show your bare face. Relax. Celebrate your body, your character, being you. Be inspired and inspire others :)

To see my personal results of this challenge, view my post here:

Self-Love Photo-A-Day RESULTS

Lots of love ~


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