DIY Toilet Roll Animals

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Making little animals from Toilet Rolls - whaat? I'm not joking, it's a great way to kill time, recycle toilet rolls and have fun :) Instead of throwing out your empty paper rolls, turn them into a Cardboard Zoo!

Inspired by a pinterest post which was probably created by Pikaland.

All you need is:
Paper rolls (loo paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls)

1. Using a pencil, draw cute animals on your paper rolls - i chose monkey, owl, lion, cat and my favourite: giraffe.

2. Trace the pencil lines with a sharpie or any other pen. Raze out the pencil lines.

3. Cut out part of the animal's silhouette, making them seem more three-dimensional. Use as napkin rings, as seedling pots for tiny plants, to keep pesky wrapping paper rolls from unwinding by slitting a toilet paper roll and sliding it over the wrapping paper roll, or just to enjoy your recycled Paper Roll Zoo :)

Alternatively, turn your paper rolls into owl ornaments!

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