January Essentials /14

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Yesterday is a memory and Tomorrow is a dream.
Today is your gift, and that's why we call it "present".

January's bits and bobs

Except for the Murakami novel, which my grandma gave to me last summer, all of these objects are presents, and i'm currently in love with each and every one of these : 

1. To-go flask. Don't know about you but i enjoy drinking much more when it comes in a pretty bottle. 

2. Almond milk. i like to soak my chia seeds in a glass of this whilst letting it chill in the fridge for an hour or so. This stuff is seriously addicting!

3. Hand balm. This is the essence 24h hand protection balm in Strawberry Dark Chocolate, and i think it's a winter limited edition. Anyways, it smells so freakin delicious i just want to eat it!

4. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Bizarre, very bizarre. That's all i can say right now.

5. Notebook. This is from Madrid, i think. My uncle got it for me, and i love the handmade leather case. Look at the pretty embroidery! Reminds me of something Elvish from Lord of the Rings :)

6. Chia. i can't stress it enough: these tiny seeds have changed my frickin life! i eat them every day now, and i can't get enough! The best thing about it: they are packed with essential omega-3, fiber, antioxidants, manganese, phosphorus and calcium.

7. Wallet. This pretty little fella is my new wallet! It's only half as bulky as the one i had before and great for going out because it fits comfortably into my clutch or jacket pocket.

8. Key chain. What looks like a door knob or a bloodshot eyeball, is actually a - very solid - floral key chain! i like the way it lies in the hand, and it makes a nice addition to my key ring, right?


Speaking of chia, here's my favourite way of preparing it at the moment:

For the recipe, click here :)

Mmmm... so creamy! i think i'll make myself another one...


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