Homemade Rice Milk

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Surprise! Last night i spontaneously decided it would be a good idea to make some Rice Milk. Yeah.

All you need is
- 1 cup rice, uncooked
- 2-4 cups water
- optional: vanilla to sweeten

Cook your rice in a pot, let it cool down a little, then transfer into a high-speed blender.

Add the water little by little. 
It will get sticky, almost like wheatpaste, so keep blending and adding water until you get the desired consistency (i used 4 cups altogether).

The blender might warm up, and so will the milk, but don't worry, it won't spoil your milk. Add some vanilla or honey if you want it to be sweet!

Now either pour your rice milk through a cheesecloth, handkerchief or strainer, or just add in water until it forms a milk-like liquid. Pour the strained rice milk into a glass container with a lid. 

Store it in the fridge. Shake the milk before use.

That's it - Enjoy your milk!

Also: Happy Chinese New Year! \\(^-^)// And may the horse be with you :)

Let's do some maths just for fun:
- 1 litre package of store-bought rice milk = around 2 bucks
- 1 kg (5 cups) uncooked rice = around 1-3 bucks
- 1 cup rice + water = 1-1.5 litre DIY rice milk = 0.2-0.6 bucks

So you don't even spend 1 frickin buck when making cans full of fresh rice milk! Guess who's never going to buy rice milk in stores again?! You can thank me later :)

doing the taste-test :)


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  1. So interesting!! I make my own almond milk all the time but I have never made rice milk, or seen how it's made. Thanks!

    1. i'm going to make almond milk very soon! so excited for it :) do you use a nut bag though, or how do you strain it? all the best and sorry for replying so late ~ maisy


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