Ideas for Christmas Gift Wrapping {last minute}

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Since Christmas is pretty much knocking on the door, i'm currently in holiday mood and honestly not really feeling like writing a fabulous post. So i decided to not force it but rather share a tiny bit of my life at this very moment, which is wrapping gifts (whilst watching Disney's Frozen). Like i said, nothing fabulous, but who's judging, right?

By the way, up there you can see some gift wrappings which i kept in a rosy colour scheme. If you want that little extra twist, use two-sided paper and fold it over on the edge that is going to be visible on the outside of the gift.

Another great way to pack up a gift is by placing it in a manila envelope. Getting inspired by this blog entry, i went ahead and recycled some air bubble mailer. This is perfect for giving away DVDs, slender books, sketches, short stories, necklaces etc. 

Like i said, i am a fan of colour schemes, a classy white-gold scheme as seen above which i chose to decorate with some cut out wrapping paper motifs and a paper snowflake. Nothing too fancy. Maybe add a small pine cone and/or a fir sprig or a pair of tiny golden bells, if you like.

Other easy ideas that i love but weren't able to try myself yet include:

source: scjohnson
sheet music

source: linesacross
3-D gadgets  
(not only for kids) like pens or toy cars or tea lights or simply candy

source: hearthandmade
fabric ribbons paired with minimalist (brown) paper

source: sunday suppers
rustic evergreen clippings and jute twine

source: marthastewart
translucent wrapping paper

source: katherinemaries
candy cane bags using pastry bags and jute twine

source: flickr
layering of different materials, fabrics, quote prints etc.

source: instagram
adding cute details to your gift

source: etsy
Kraft box and paper doyleys 
("great for cup cake, earrings, necklace, small toys and those smaller items")

source: doobybrain
calendar pages 
(actually i'm talking about the printed calendar pages here, but i couldn't find an image that would depict this idea, so i'm showing the version where they use the date page, but you get the picture)

source: marthastewart
(foreign) newspaper

source: hauteapplepie
monogram tags

source: etsy
 rustic textured paper
name stamps

source: thesweetestoccasion
glass jars for nut mixes or cookies

source: thevanillabeanery
bakery boxes, lined with decorative paper, silk sheets or fabric, maybe even covered in some nice wrapping paper and a pretty bow

source: chicagoshopping

just go crazy. mix n match with printing, texture, ribbons, fabrics, patterns, ornaments... the sky's your limit.

Good luck and good night ~


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