Christmas Decoration

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First off i should warn you: i absolutely love Christmas season. It's probably my favourite time of year, so i really milk it. Also, since this is quite a special time, i will be posting more blog entries than usual - as you may have noticed already -, and simply share with you the festive spirit i'm in right now. Since number one of my 24 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit was cleaning and decorating your room, i want to show you a little glimpse of what my personal Advent decoration currently looks like! (bear in mind, i am a student living in a shared apartment, so don't expect any big Christmas trees and what not :)

This, ladies and gentleman, is our Advent wreath. It consists of a red Advent candle, of course, as well as a fat Santa Clause figurine, marzipan chocolates, lots of walnuts, pine cones, star ornaments, sprigs, lichees - don't ask -, peanuts and baubles. Isn't it pretty? i like it a lot. (let's just ignore this weird little polystyrene snowman that i made in kindergarten or elementary school long long ago, lol.)

My Advent calendar! so, so amazing. My mum made it for me - thanks again, mommy, you are the best mommy ever Little silk bags filled with wonderful things like dried fruit, Medjool dates, fruit bars, tea, little honey jars, raw baking supplies, nuts... Today there was an organic Rice drink with cacao inside, yum!

Look what my brother and i made last weekend for Saint Nicholas Day :) A Gingerbread House, yay! 

The weather outside right now after an overnight snowstorm. Look at that sky! (image not edited in any way, just saying.)

This is my windowsill at the moment. Lots of cream coloured candles - even a star-shaped one and a Christmas-tree one, look! -, a few two cute Santas, walnuts, a tiny pine cone, a red bauble, a random owl and tortoise, yeah. And of course, my new little friend, the hot pink cactus which has started to blossom! 

In the picture below you can see my bedside table, featuring even more Santas, pine cones, baubles, walnuts - see the little walnut candle? that's so awesome! -, a little bag with cloves and other wintry spices, cinnamon sticks, a vanilla-scented candle, a baby poinsettia (Christmas flower), star ornaments...

Oh, and i'd also like to introduce you to little Mister Reindeer down below, who makes a great addition to your home Christmas decoration, and is very easy to DIY: cut out red, white and brown cardboard in the desired shape and glue the pieces together! Now you can stick the reindeer head onto a little log like shown below, or you could simply stick it to the wall or onto some card stock for a cute Christmas card.

You will need:
1 brown head
1 light brown snout (optional)
2 dark brown antlers
1 red hat
1 white strip for the brim
1 white circle for the tip
2 white circles for the eyes
2 smaller black circles for the eyes
1 brass fastener

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Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~ Mary Ellen Chase


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