101 Things That Make Me Happy

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The new year is approaching, people start writing their resolution lists and think about what they are looking for in the future. Instead of saying "what do i want", perhaps we should ask "what have i got?" Think about it. Ask yourself, what can you be grateful for? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy, and how can you promote that? - Here are 101 things that make me happy.

1. Eating yummy, healthy food. 

2. Having done a workout. * 

3. Being with my family. 

4. Writing. 

5. Reading a truly great book. 

6. Getting sweet messages. 

7. Getting flowers. 

8. Making lists. I know, I'm crazy. 

9. Crossing out things from my to-do-list. 

10. Relaxed evenings with my friends, just enjoying each others company without any specific reason or any great topics to talk about. 

11. Feeling light and carefree. 

12. Sorting through my things. 

13. Getting rid of old clothes and stuff. 

14. Watching my favourite films over and over. 

15. Listening to good music. 

16. Making children smile. 

17. Giving gifts. 

18. Drawing while listening to chill music. 

19. Searching the web for inspirational pictures. 

20. Crafting. Playing out my creativity. 

21. Wrapping gifts. 

22. Taking a walk in golden sunshine. 

23. Taking a walk in deep snow. 

24. The sound of rain. 

25. Being inside when there's a thunderstorm outside. 

26. Huddling up in my favourite hoodie. 

27. Buying pretty clothes. 

28. Making a good bargain. 

29. Dogs that run towards me wagging their tails. 

30. Screaming with all my heart and soul. 

31. Having time for myself. 

32. Fun parties in good company, and just being silly. 

33. Being called petite. 

34. Being appreciated for who I am. 

35. Being needed. 

36. Being helpful. 

37. Joint vacations. 

38. Road trips. 

39. Dancing my bootie off. 

40. "Stalking" my favourite lifestyle idols for inspiration. 

41. Easing the burden on somebody, like my parents. 

42. Traveling! 

43. Running along the seeshore on a windy day. 

44. Sloshing through the sea. 

45. Night walks. 

46. Hot chocolate. 

47. Cozying up to the fireplace. 

48. Christmas! i love the Christmas spirit. 

49. Singing, of course! Singing, singing, singing. 

50. Deep conversations at night. 

51. Picking strawberries. 

52. Going to the cinema at night. 

53. The moment when the movie I have been dying to see starts to play! 

54. Doing research. Told ya, I'm crazy. 

55. Feeling prepared. 

56. Going for adventures! 

57. Finding new raw food recipes to try. 

58. Baking, cooking, creating delicious meals. It's so aesthetic. 

59. Recycling and reusing things. 

60. Having tidied up my room. 

61. Amusement parks. 

62. Finding DIYs that I can actually DO MYSELF (with the things I have in my house). 

63. Finding exercise plans that I can apply without using any equipment. 

64. Going by plane. 

65. Chatting. Not online, just face to face chatting. I'm a bubbly person. 

66. Finding the perfect words when I'm writing. 

67. Watching snow fall outside my window. 

68. Getting comfortable in a new environment. 

69. Decorating my room. 

70. Making plans for the future (regardless whether or not this will actually be put into action) 

71. Running like a crazy person without feeling tired. (wish that would happen more often :'D) 

72. Misty mornings, right around dawn.

73. Taking a trip down memory lane and reliving some of my dearest moments.

74. Flirting :) Love the excitement. 

75. Overcoming obstacles! 

76. Looking at my collection of inspirational pictures, quotes and texts. 

77. Staying true to myself. 

78. Eating clean. Thinking clean. 

79. Knowing which people I can count on. 

80. Getting things done. 

81. Doing my own thing. 

82. Knowing that my family will love me and be there for me no matter what. 

83. Watching Lindy's vlogs. She has such an honest, bubbly, lovable personality.  **

84. Waking up before my alarm. 

85. I love it when a guy hugs you, and you feel so little and safe in their arms :) 

86. Super trivial, but I absolutely love finally using up a bottle of shampoo or a lip product that I have been trying to use up for what felt like forever. 

87. Smiling. It sounds paradox, but if I'm feeling down I just smile, and instantly my mood brightens. Smile even – or especially – when you don't feel like it. I don't mean, fool yourself and ignore your actual mood, no, also sadness and anger have their right to be felt. It's like my smiling face tells my brain to feel happiness. 

88. Planning trips or projects. (often without even actually putting them into action) 

89. Looking back at what I have accomplished so far. Believe me. The - legitimately felt! - gratitude and proudness will make you feel happy and good about yourself :)

90. Reminding myself that I don't have to be perfect. 

91. Surprises. 

92. A small, but thoughtful present. 

93. Publishing an article or text that I put very much effort into. 

94. Being able to say Yes to things I had been afraid of until then. 

95. Being asked for advice because someone values my opinion. 

96. Dressing up and feeling pretty. 

97. Going on a picnic on a nice warm summer day. 

98. Birthday parties! Parties in general, but I love the festive atmosphere of birthdays, especially those summery breezy garden parties with some easygoing music in the background and lanterns and fuzzy drinks and some fun dancing. 

99. Having clean, crisp sheets on my bed. 

100. Having a clean, bright apartment where I can do what I like.

101. Walking out of the airport when you arrive someplace you have never been before. Let the adventure begin!

*believe me, the thought of exercising doesn’t make me very happy, but the feeling afterwards is just - nghah! 
** in case you need some cheering up: bubzvlogz


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  1. Yes! The feeling of throwing away a shampoo bottle.....and yes! flirting! No matter how old ya get, that's still fun. Good list.

    1. Right? Finally finishing a product feels so good! glad i'm not the only one who thinks that :'D


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