Sunshine Award - I am nominated!

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Yay, today i woke up to having been nominated for the Sunshine Award by the lovely Leah S. from Leah Inspired! Thank you so much, i will proudly accept the honour and pass it on to some of my favourite blogs.

The Rules:
1. Thank and recognize your nominating blogger (duh...!)
2. Give 11 random facts about yourself 
3. Answer the 11 questions given by your nominating blogger 
4. Nominate 11 bloggers (cannot be your nominating blogger) 
5. Post 11 questions for your nominees 

11 Random Facts about me:
1. I'm a student of Creative Writing & Cultural Journalism, currently working on my new coming-of-age novel. Cross your fingers!
2. Even though i don't dress very daringly, i am fairly interested in fashion.
3. I have to admit, i struggle with envy from time to time.

4. My biggest pet peeve is being stood up by people. Luckily i personally have only witnessed this once, but the thought of it just makes me angry. So rude!
5. I love crafting and making presents myself. Looking forward to Christmas crafting :)
6. If i were a song right now i would be Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill.
7. Even though i seem extremely organized, i am indeed quite clumsy.
8. I never stick to recipes. I try to, but i always end up modifying something. It usually turns out pretty great, i might add ;)
9. I get excited very easily. i've been compared to a little bubbly squirrel several times.
 __                __                ___                ___
' )`\             ' )`\             ' ) `\             ' ) `\
 /' |_./<          /' |_./<          /'  |_./<          /'  |_./<
|  /'-.\_|        |  /'-.\_|        |   /'-.\_|        |   /'-.\_|
`\|/~\>>          `\|/~\/>          `\ |/~\>>          `\ |/~\/>
  `\_<_             `\_<_             `\\_<_             `\\_<_
 __                __                ___                ___
' )`\             ' )`\             ' ) `\             ' ) `\
 /' |_./<          /' |_./<          /'  |_./<          /'  |_./<
|  /'-.\`|        |  /'-.\`|        |   /'-.\`|        |   /'-.\`|
`\|/~\>>"         `\|/~\/>"         `\ |/~\>>"         `\ |/~\/>"
  `\_<_             `\_<_             `\\_<_             `\\_<_

10. As a general rule, i am rather under-dressed for the climate of North European winter. (beauty knows no pain, right? -chattering teeth- right?!)
11. If i earned more money, i would love to eat organic fresh fruit ONLY. Gigantic heaps of fruit and veggies every day all day long (yes, i am crazy like that). For now i just have to work with what i got, including lots of dried fruit, nuts, soy rice milk etc. Which is of course also very healthy, but not exactly great for my skin, since those are very dehydrating foods.

Questions from Leah Inspired:
1. What is 1 thing you are thankful for? - the possibility of creating my lifestyle the way i want to, for the most part.
2. What is 1 thing that you have always wanted but will probably never get? - a chance to tour the world (cruise).
3. What state do you live in? - currently living in Germany. considering to move to Austria or England though. we'll see.
4. What is one thing that you wish you would've learned in high school? - education-wise: Japanese language. otherwise: i wish i would have learned sooner that cleverness and good grades are not all that counts in life.
5. What do you like best about yourself? - my easily inspired mind / creativity.
6. What is your favorite color? - corn flower blue.
7. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? - writing stories.
8. How old are you? - fabulous 22 :)
9. How long have you been blogging? - half a year. i'm still a baby blogger.
10. What is your favorite thing about having a blog? - oh i absolutely love to be able to share my passion, maybe even inspire some of my readers, that's more than i can ask for :)
11. Where would you spend your day if you had nothing else to do? - my best friend's house or - if i had the money - in the street markets of Kathmandu.

My nominees:
1. American Coco
2. La Poesie De Mon Coeur
3. This Fashion Is Mine
4. If I Were Audrey
5. This Rawsome Vegan Life
6. The 3rd Voice 
7. Bekleidet
8. Summer Lee
9. Talkasia
10. Miutiful
11. Schwurlie 

My Questions for my nominees:
1. What fictional character do you most identify with? *
2. Who (or what) is your biggest inspiration?
3. What is your secret comfort food, your guilty pleasure?
4. What is your favourite blog post that you have done so far?
5. What's at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
6. Your favourite tradition?
7. Describe yourself with a song.
8. If you could only say 5 words for the rest of your life, what would they be?
9. What is the yummiest dish that you can cook up?
10. If you could create a perfume of your choice, what would be its ingredients and what would its name be?
11. What do you wish you had more time for?

Now get going, internet friends! whether i specifically linked you in my list or not, i want to read your sexy answers to these questions :)

*mine would probably be Hermione from Harry Potter or Belle from Beauty and the Beast - though i did a silly online test yesterday as a matter of fact (this one), and apparently my fictional personality is Mary-Jane Watson from Spiderman, who doesn't do anything but getting in trouble and being a crybaby, lol.

               .=',    ;:;;:,
              /_', "=. ';:;:;
              @=:__,  \,;:;:'
                _(\.=  ;:;;'
               `"_(  _/="`


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