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good morning sunshine,
tomorrow my first full week of uni + job as student assistant starts. as always i am a little nervous - will everything work out as i'd like it to? will i be able to carry on the workload? the usual stuff - and also i feel a little melancholic. it's my last semester at campus. after that it's another 6 weeks of working experience in an editorial office (hopefully) and after that my bachelor thesis. yikes.
at the moment i'm looking at different universities to find a fitting course for my masters program. perhaps in Vienna?
for now, to calm my ever nervous self, it helps to recall one of my favourite memories this summer:

Misty Mornings in Belgium.


Somehow the flower field above, moist with morning dew and glistening in golden sunlight, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. don't you think? perhaps it's because of those head-high purple pedicles, or because of the dozens and dozens of bees, beetles and butterflies that swarmed up as I broke my way through the flower field. I don't know why, but butterflies make me think of Alice in Wonderland... so fragile and fine, fluttering around, white, blue, lilac, some were bigger, others small as the size of my thumbnail...

i love autumn. but sometimes i miss summer, i miss the holidays in Belgium, and most of all i miss my friends. //a bucket full of love to my sweet americancoco and la poesie de mon coeur// thank you to my crazy-amazing friends and family for all the wonderful summers we share ♡ i love you

EDIT: The purple pedicles are apparently called Chamerion angustifolium, also known as rosebay willowherb!


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