Wednesday, September 04, 2013

City Capture & Cherry Cake

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bonjour beautiful ~
the world is turning into autumn outside. the last couple of days were steeped in the dull golden light of late summer. is it really September already? what happened to summer? just what have i done the past few weeks? seriously.

so, i'm out and about in some random city, and what do i run into? a wedding.
of course. and yes, i did pull off that creepy annoying paparazzi darling-some-random-stranger-is-taking-photos-of-us move. yeah...
also, i found some ducks.

Mum made cherry cake, using a whole bucket of cherries that my Dad had handpicked! also, me and my boyfriend had delicious tropical-themed breakfasts in the garden. and a cat. life doesn't get better than that. i hope that wasn't my last garden brunch this year...

for breakfast: bananas, baby bananas, persimmon, ricemilk, pineapple, mango, buttermilk yoghurt, buns and cream cheese.


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