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I am really sorry for screaming at you, but this is honestly THE BEST BANANA SOFT SERVE ever! To be precise, it is probably the best ice cream in the whole wide world. And it is ridiculously easy. All you need is: 1 banana. One frickin banana!
Here we go:

Preparation time: 5 mins + 3 hours freezing time
Main ingredients: banana
difficulty level: supereasy, fool-proof
serves: 1-2
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, nut-free, paleo, raw food, and delicious "even so" 

All you need is:

2-4 frozen bananas, broken into pieces*

- a food processor or blending machine (NO NEED FOR AN ICE CREAM MAKER!)

And here's what you do:

Throw the frozen banana pieces into your blender. If you don't have a high-speed blender, maybe let them thaw for a few minutes, so it won't be as hard on your poor blender.


It will be quite loud at the beginning, but don't freak out. Just blend until it forms a beautifully smooth, slightly stiff cream. Then scrape it all out with your pastry scraper and fill the ice cream into glass bowls. 
Additionaly, you can put it into your freezer again for about half an hour. That will give you a firmer texture, since it's very soft, already melting, and rather a cream than ice after being warmed up by all that blending.


As you can see, i added cinnamon to my ice cream, but that's totally up to you. Instead, you could add some vanilla bean extract for a perfect Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, or some almond brittle, strawberries, pistachios, etc etc etc. You could even make a gorgeous Banana Split with this banana ice cream! I have to do that some time...
For the basic banana ice cream dream, you don't need to add anything at all.

- add cinnamon
- add cocoa 
- add chopped nuts
- add vanilla extract
- add fresh berries
- add dates
- add maple syrup
- add mint leaves
- use the frozen bananas instead of ice in a breakfast smoothie!

Personally, i find this makes a perfect little dessert for a first date :) Filled into pretty crystal bowls and decorated with a touch of cinnamon, caramel swirls, chocolate chips or edible flowers, it's not too fancy nor too casual, but just the right amount of romance for a comfy date night.
(also, being busy preparing the dish is way less awkward than standing around in the kitchen waiting for the pizza in the microwave to be ready ;)

* after discovering my love for frozen banana pieces two or three years ago, this has been my favourite summer - and winter and basically any time - snack, hands down. So easy and so, so yummy. Simply break or cut banana into bite-size pieces, put in a ziplock bag or on a small plate and place in your freezer for about 3 hours. 
(same goes for grapes, which you can just freeze and suck like hard candy)
frozen bananas are the perfect raw vegan Ischoklad, if you ask me. you wouldn't believe how good this tastes - and how different from a regular banana!
Just try it, alright?

If you don't want to gobble this creamy deliciousness down right away (i mean, who doesn't?!), you can easily store it in your freezer. Below you see my post-freezer Banana Ice Cream - the lavender has nothing to do with anything really - :

"And all will turn 
To silver glass 
A light on the water 
Grey ships pass 
Into the West..."

(yes, i have just finished reading the lord of the rings :) 

Also, yesterday was Debussy's birthday anniversary, so here is a beautifully soothing and peaceful composition of him, like an afternoon in summer, also here is another, more vivid one, and here a gloomier, melancholic one.


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  1. Wow, how easy and most delicious!! Great!

  2. I love this banana ice cream!
    thank you so much for the receipt :)

    1. thanks lovely, i'm more than happy to share this awesome banana secret :))
      xx Maisy


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