How To: Peel a Pineapple {Thai-style}

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Have you ever seen a Thai woman slice up a pineapple? no? well, let me tell you, it looks a-ma-zing. i don't know about you, but i always found it hard to get the frickin shell off of this fruit without losing a finger or cutting away half the fruit flesh. 

See below to learn how to peel and cut pineapples the proper way!
i decided to give it a try myself. took us two attempts to get the hang of it and i'm still learning, but so far it's looking pretty good. 

so here's how you do it:

Peeling Pineapples like a Pro:

#step 1: get a ripe pineapple and a big knife with a sharp smooth blade. 
(when purchasing the pineapple, check for ripeness by lifting it up by a single leaf near the top. if the leaf comes off, it's ripe.)

#step 2: cut the bottom off. don't cut off the top though - instead use the stem as a grip while cutting.

#step 3: set the pineapple upright and slice downward to shave off the rough outer skin, not bothering about the "eyes" for the moment.

#step 4: looking at the "eyes", you'll find they actually lay on a diagonal, spiraling across the fruit. take your knife and - following their diagonal pattern - carefully cut V-shaped channels into the flesh where the eyes lay, removing about three eyes at a time. do this all the way around the fruit.
(try to cut shallow, wasting as little fruit flesh as possible.)

That's it. You did it: Congratulations! 
Your pineapple should look like a huge yellow screw now.

You can either go on and serve the pineapple the Thai-way, cutting the flesh downwards in large pieces until only the hard center core is left, resembling big yellow popsicles, like so
Or alternatively lay down your pineapple horizontally and cut it into flower-shaped discs, like so: 

Not only does it look very decorative, but a pineapple offers more than that, being very rich in vitamins and minerals. A 1-cup-serving will provide you with 76% Daily Value of manganese and 131% DV of vitamin C. Moreover, it contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain which helps breaking down protein, stimulates digestion and has a gentle diuretic effect.

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.” ~ Unknown

Good luck ~


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