Big Hair Don't Care

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hey there
so i cut my hair last week. yep, i just took a pair of scissors and chopped it right off. it was super hot that day, the heat was building up at the back of my neck under my hair and i just decided it was time for some air. 

i feel much lighter now (at least 5 inches lighter, haha) and i don't even mind my unstraightened hair bouncing around my face. yeah, i have natural curls. blessing and curse, right?

So, even if you do have naturally curly hair like me, but don't wanna walk around with a frizzy bird's nest on top of your head, you still have to define those curls

Here's how i do it:

The easiest way to get natural wavy hair (no tools needed)

1. Wash your hair
2. Gently comb out any tangles with a wide-toothed comb (upwards, from tips to roots). Pat it dry with a towel (don't rub).
3. Braid your damp hair into one or more sections. For natural-looking loose waves, just braid it into one big pigtail. For neater waves, braid them tightly into two, three or even four pigtails. Best fasten at the end with a scrunchie or ribbon.
4. Let your hair dry, i'd say it works best if you do it at night and go to bed with your hair braided.
5. Unbraid your hair once it is completely dry, and gently run your fingers through it. You should now have beautiful loose wavy hair :)

by the way, i'm not somebody who takes lots and lots of self portraits - it somehow makes me feel uneasy, so i tend to look quite awkward in those selfies. yeah. i guess, you've noticed already.

random note: currently in love with the Disney design again. anything featuring mickey mouse, Minnie mouse or just mouse ears and bows will make my girly heart leap for joy. 
also, i should watch Bambi again. 
(last time i saw it, i was a sneaky little girl who also happened to be quite nosy, so i secretly watched it while my parents weren't around, and oh my gosh did i cry -.-)