Whats In My Bag [Holiday Edition]

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    I sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the art of opening up. ~ Shane Koyczan

Hey there - and I'm back! And since "back" rhymes with "bag", what lies closer at hand than to post a look inside my travel bag. Right? 

- Erm, well... - 

Aaaanyways. Right now I'm trying to get a grip on the mass of photos I took during my one-week trip with my brother. Footage will be uploaded next Wednesday!

This is of course only my handbag. Camera, clothes and food - in this case a deliciously ripe sweet mango - were stored in my luggage case. Also, being the frickin genius I am, I actually forgot to show you my wallet, phone and keys. (i was still in the process of packing my stuff and later realized something was missing, haha. i am such a silly smurf.)

But what am I babbling about. Let's get to the bottom of it: 
What's actually inside my bag?

The Inside:
- skincare cream (trial pack)

- lip tint
- bobby pins and hair clips
- scrunchies (can't have enough of those)
- mini umbrella (you never know...)
- ballpoint pens
- small sample bottle of Eau de Parfum (Attractive Girl, Mel Merio)
- nail oil pen (Perfect Nails, Rival de Loop. unfortunately my nails get dry and brittle all the time)
- mascara (Volume Nanodefinition waterproof, Nivea)
- notebook & pencil
- small bottle of deodorant spray (Exotic, Isana)
- a book (A Place Called Freedom, Ken Follett)
- sunglasses
- lip balm (classic, labello)
- mini toothpaste tube
- Dextro Energy Mintz
- tissues (saved me during my severe attacks of hayfever)
- sunscreen spray (SPF 15)
- travel-size box for toothbrush and floss
- lady's first aid kit (including a handheld mirror, disposable razor, nail file, cotton buds and other girlstuff)
- rechargeable batteries for cam

Also (can't believe I forgot the most important - geez!):

- wallet (including plasters and earphones)
- mobile phone (HTC hero)
- camera (Canon EOS 400D)
- charging cable
- keys 

The Bag: Pepe Jeans via Zalando about two years ago (with cutesy-patootsie heart-shaped zippers)
Now travel save and go chase some summer love bugs ~


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