No Bake Mango Cream Cake

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It's my Mum's birthday today, and since she has to follow a special restricted diet to seize control of her thyroid disease at the moment, I decided to surprise her with a proper fancy cake she can actually enjoy. The outcome: a creamy, super-healthy and super-yummy mango "cheesecake" ! (and a happy momma :))

Preparation time: 30 mins + 7-8 hours cooling time
Main ingredients: cashews, mangoes, dates 
difficulty level: easy, fool-proof
makes: 1 cake
suitable for: vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, paleo, raw food, and delicious "even so"  : )

What?! A Cheesecake without cheese? No flour, no milk, no eggs and no baking at all? And that's supposed to be yummy? Yep, you've heard right. If you are interested in a raw vegan and 100% healthy piece of pure delight, then stay tuned for this delicious mango nut cream cake!

(thanks to Ulyana for coming up with the original recipe)

You've got this life and while you've got it, you'd better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone's hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people's eyes like they're the last you'll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there's no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there is none, and eat cake like it's the only one left in the world! ~ C. JoyBell C.


1 ½ cup raw almonds
½ cup dessicated coconut
1 cup dried de-seeded unsweetened dates (best choice are the soft and moist medjool dates)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
i also added a handful of raisins since the dough was a bit too dry and nutty to my taste

2 ½ cups soaked cashew kernels (let sit in a bowl with warm water for 30 min)
3/4 cup coconut oil (i used raw canola oil instead)
½ cup coconut cream or flesh of young Thai coconut (optional) - i used ½ cup organic shredded coconut

1 ½ to 2 ripe mangoes, chopped (a ripe mango smells of nectar)
½ mango + 1 banana or other tropical fruit sliced for decoration (optional)
3/4 cup agave or maple syrup or coconut nectar - alternatively: 1/4 tsp liquid stevia or
½ tsp stevia powder

½ tsp vanilla extract

i also added a good tablespoon of fresh lemon juice for a fuitier taste

- a food processor or blending machine
- a spring-form pan (i used a 10 inch)


#step 1: Mix all ingredients for the crust in your processor/blender and blend until it becomes sort of clumpy. Even though it might look crumbly, you'll see that the dough is actually quite oily and sticky. So go ahead and spread it on the base of your spring-form pan, pressing it down with your bare hands. Set aside.

#step 2: For the filling, combine all required ingredients (i.e. everything except mango slices + banana) in your blender. Process until it forms a creamy mousse. Since the cashew kernels bring a very rich and fatty taste to it, I added an extra half of mango (which was actually supposed to serve as decoration... oh well) and a good spoonful of lemon juice for a crisper, fruitier flavour.

#step 3: Pour the filling onto your crust and spread evenly with a pastry spatula. Now place the spring-form pan in the fridge to set, best over night. However, if you don't have another day, a good 1-2 hours in the fridge should be enough. A quick solution would be to freeze it instead and take it out half an hour or so before decorating and serving.

#step 4: For decoration, try slicing your leftover mango half. Since that didn't really work with my very ripe, very squishy mango, I used peach slices instead and sprinkled the cake with some coconut flakes. Other fruits suitable to combine with mango would be banana, passion fruit, pineapple, papaya or even sourly kiwi slices. Anything tropical, basically. Well, or peaches, I guess.

*You can absolutely replace the almonds with walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, or even with a mixture of raisins and coconut flakes. However, you should absolutely not replace the cashew kernels with anything. Cashews are the only nuts starchy and oily enough to form into a creamy paste and fake the texture of cheesecake.

**This beauty will last up to 4-5 days in an air tight container in the fridge. Or you can cut it into square pieces, stack them in your air tight container and keep it all in the freezer. Just take them out early enough to thaw in the fridge before eating.

***As for calories, umm… let's face it, this whole thing is kinda one huge nut. it's highly caloric. BUT made of HEALTHY fats and sweets! and you actually know what's in there. just keep in mind: no matter how healthy, this is still a dessert.

If you have any experience with raw vegan cakes at all, feel free to share.

I'd love to try new recipes!

Lots of love

(coming from the bottom of my heart and a tummy full of mangoes and nuts)



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